Press [PLAY] Mine Cryptocurrency for Postage                                                           Automated Air-Print and Ship + USPS Tracking.

23rd August 2019
Archive your Documents with Cryptography ledgers with Block Chain Technology.

Document Archiving

Document Archiving
Upload photos and create a custom Collage and "SHIP" it to any person/address.

Photo Collage

Document Archiving
Draw, Paint or create Art and "SHIP" it to any person/address.

Draw & Paint

Document Archiving
Write/Create a "Document" and "SHIP" it to any person/address.

Text Editor

Document Archiving
Use your device camera to crop photos of paper into PDF format with options to "SHIP".

Camera Scanner

Document Archiving
$0.10 cents a "page" + printing. Perfect for printing PDF format book.

Upload & Ship

Document Archiving

Purchase a Money Order or Check and "SHIP" it to any person/address.

Money Order/Check

Money Order
Upload Payrol data and Automatically have them printed and "SHIPPED" in secure pressure seal forms.

Pay Roll

Document Archiving
Mine Cryptocurrency or Exchange your wallet for a check or Money Order and "SHIP" it to anyone.

Crypto CurrencyX

Document Archiving
Create a Greeting Card with many templates to choose from and "SHIP" it to any person/address.

Greeting Card

Document Archiving
$0.10 cents a "PAGE" Print your Social Media + Shipping.

Print Social Media

Document Archiving
"ENTERPRISE" allows you to upload your own custom company logos onto mail pieces and checks for Company Branding.


Document Archiving

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