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Kite Letter pricing is competitive, secure, and fair at $0.65 cents per single pressure sealed letter piece, 10 cents per additional page, 15 cents for color and $0.75 for Secured Sealed Checks + shipping options. Cryptocurrency trading fees are 3%. plus shipping. With Cryptocurrency mining configurations companies, small businesses and individual customers can use their CPU power whether it’s for a corporate level’s network or individual’s mobile device to mine a Ether or Bitcoin based Kiteletter cryptocurrency to use towards postage and stamps. Enterprise Mail Piece Branding solutions are $10 per month.

What We Sell

Decrease operational costs of mailrooms and the commute to postal stores.

Kite Letter has transformed from a company that connected attorneys directly to a virtual printing and shipping solution for documents a second option to a company that wants to take the responsibility of controlling a percentage of the multi-billion dollar industry of direct mail advertising and the $20 billion stamps and postal service industry, combined with payroll in the cryptocurrency market. Kite Letter’s main principal is speed, quality and, security.

Kite Letter is an enterprise Software as a Service application combined with Token as a service utilizing the Ethereum BlockChain Ledger. Kite letter strives to expand to postal companies worldwide. Kite Letter’s main goal is to merge with a major corporation or financial company that can help market, expands and integrates Kite Letter capabilities and options to their own web application or phone app.

Background information about the company.

Plug & Play your own crypto-mining equipment and save between 10-90% percent depending on mining equipment and Hashes per second you can make your computer networks pay for printing and shipping.

Who We Sell To? Offices and individuals. A Great Virtual Office Solution.

Discover the value and quality of our high-volume printing services. Whatever size project you have to tackle, you can count on our Air-Print and Shipping Solutions  every step of the way.

Kite Letter plans to control the large portion of the 150 billion pieces of first-class mail that is processed by the postal service while including a mass payroll services connected to the Hyperledger and Quantum Network. uses Vantage sorting solution connected to our printing network for a smoother United States Postal Services daily pickup.

High-speed letter processing with in-line options.

As the first high-speed sorter to feature in-line metering and the highest industry read rates, Vantage™ is a multi-application system and industry leader in operational throughput. Production workflow is simplified by eliminating the need to meter mail at different rates or managing pre-printed envelopes, thus ensuring higher productivity and more efficient mail processing.

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